• And Now A Broken Leg Of Lamb

    20something Girl #1: I feel more tender right now than I ever have before. I feel just like the tenderest little leg of lamb.
    20something Girl #2: Ha ha, that’s funny.

    Minneapolis, Midtown Greenway
    Overheard by A. Johnson.

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  • Ginger Profiling

    Guy #1: I think we’ve met before.
    Guy #2: No, I’m pretty sure we haven’t.
    Guy #1: Oh, okay. (Walks away)
    Guy #2, to girlfriend: I think it’s the ginger, freckle-face thing. Once you’ve seen one, you think you’ve seen us all.

    Uptown Minneapolis, House Party
    Overheard by a unique-looking brunette.

    06/06/2011 | tags: ,

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  • The Secret Is Out

    Intoxicated Donald Glover fan at concert: Why is he so sexy?
    Intoxicated friend of intoxicated fan: Because he is black.

    Minneapolis, Varsity Theater
    Overheard by This Gal!

    05/23/2011 | tags: ,

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  • Don’t Take Drugs That You Find In The Dumpster

    Woman walking, talking to herself: If ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’ were beagles, we’d all be princes and princesses. Of beagles.

    Minneapolis, 27th & Colfax
    Overheard by Dwight.

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  • I Don’t Follow

    Customer in line, to cashier: What’s the deal with the 4-for-$9 on Pepsi products?
    Cashier to bag boy: Hey, what’s the deal with the 4-for-$9 on Pepsi products?
    Bag boy, to cashier: You buy 4 you get them for $9.
    Cashier to customer: You buy 4 you get them for $9.
    Customer: Oh.

    Chanhassen, Byerly’s
    Overheard by shopper #8.

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  • There’s One Way To Find Out

    Kid: Mom, do we have to be good in here?
    Mom, trying to hurry: Yes. We always have to be good in the library.
    Kid: Why?
    Mom: Because good things happen to good people.
    Kid: Why?
    Mom, getting frustrated: Because that’s the way things work, honey.
    Kid: Is there a God?
    Mom, at wit’s end: I sure hope so!

    St Paul, Merriam Park Library

    05/13/2011 | tags: , , ,

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  • Until Everyone’s Been Arrested

    St. Paul cop on his car bullhorn: Ain’t no party like an east side party ’cause an east side party don’t stop. Yo, yo.

    St. Paul, Stoplight at 61 and Warner Road, rush hour
    Overheard by lmb.

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  • Win 2 Tickets to Cirque du Soleil’s Ovo!

    Congratulations to Leslee Aune! Enjoy Ovo!

    Here’s your chance to win 2 tickets to Cirque du Soleil’s Ovo, playing May 27th at MOA
    To enter, send an email to overheardinmpls [at] gmail dot com with OVO in the subject line and your full name in the body by 4:00pm Friday, May 13th. The winner will be announced Monday May 16th.  Tickets will be emailed to the winner and you will need a way to print them off.


    Showtime: 8:00 PM
    Site Opens: 7:00 PM
    The Grand Chapiteau Opens: 7:30 PM

    Good luck!

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  • I Think You Got Some In My Coffee

    Counter Clerk: I am just sprewing knowledge, guys.

    Minneapolis, Starbucks, Block E
    Overheard by sxoidmal.

    05/09/2011 | tags: , ,

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  • Science

    College girl #1: Maybe you’re the milkman’s daughter.
    College girl #2: I’m lactose intolerant; I’m definitely not the milkman’s daughter.

    St. Paul, Cosmic’s Coffee
    Overheard by QuoteRadar.

    05/09/2011 | tags: ,

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  • We Received A Double Order This Week

    Employee putting together orders: We’re low on everything! The one thing we’re not low on is sadness.

    St. Louis Park, Panera-West End

    05/08/2011 | tags: ,

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  • Or Any Other Balls

    Father to child at the goat pen at the farm: You can pet him, but don’t touch his eyeballs.

    Apple Valley, Minnesota Zoo
    Overheard by iwastoldtherewouldbebacon.

    04/26/2011 | tags: , ,

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  • There’s No Laughing In Baseball Either

    Mom to little kid: This is not the place to have fun.

    Minneapolis, exit ramp from Target Field after the 11-1 win against Cleveland
    Overheard by Happy Twins Fan.

    04/26/2011 | tags: , ,

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  • Wait Until You See What I Have Planned For Your Teen Years

    Spoiled 6 yr old kid to frazzled mom: YOU’RE PRETTY MUCH RUINING MY LIFE!!

    Savage, Target
    Overheard by Fellow shopper trying to get far far away.

    04/22/2011 | tags: , ,

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  • As Do The Ladies

    Young Suburban Professional #1: Look at all these chachkies!
    Young Suburban Professional #2: I love that you say chachkies!

    Eden Prairie, Holiday aisle at Target
    Overheard by Mustache Ranger.

    04/21/2011 | tags: ,

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  • The Love Of The Sport Brings People Together

    20-something guy: Typical Wisconsin fans. “I can’t count! I don’t know where my seat is!”

    Minneapolis, Target Field
    Overheard by not a brewer fan.

    04/21/2011 | tags: ,

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  • He’ll Be There Later For A Q&A

    College Girl to Friend: Here’s the thing about the King Tut exhibit; it’s not like actually like King Tut, it’s just like, his stuff. Dumb!

    Minneapolis, Bus Route 6

    04/12/2011 | tags: ,

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  • We Can Get A Hallmark Card Out Of This

    20-something man #1: Do you love her?
    20-something man #2: No! Well, I tell her that I love her but I don’t love her in the way that I would tell you that I love her.
    20-something man #1: Huh. That’s an interesting distinction.

    Uptown, Minneapolis, Bruegger’s Bagels

    04/03/2011 | tags: , ,

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  • Nothing Is Sexier Than All You Can Eat Mac N Cheese

    Middle aged man, to middle aged woman he sat next to, when he learned she wasn’t married: I would have thought a nice woman like you would have a husband. (pause) If you’d ever like to go out to Old Country sometime… they’ve got some good food.

    Bloomington, Hiawatha Line
    Overheard by lurker in the shadows.

    03/28/2011 | tags: ,

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  • She Didn’t Say Anything About The Walk Back

    Inebriated woman to her man: Don’t be swinging your thang on your way there. Walk straight to the damn store.

    Minneapolis, 18 Bus

    03/20/2011 | tags: , ,

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