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    Submission Guidelines
    -Always include a “who”
    -Proof read
    -Be specific about the location, always include the city. (Office in [name of city] is fine if you do not wish to be too specific about your work place)
    -Funny is always good

    What conversations are never published?
    -Anything heard on Radio or TV
    -Anything read on signs or bumper stickers
    -Any conversation you participated in
    -Submissions missing “who” or containing a very vague location (these may be published to Twitter or Facebook)

    Your name and email address will not be sold or given to anyone. Your email address will only be used if OIM needs to contact you for any questions. Please note- by submitting the above conversation, you are granting overheardinminneapolis.com the rights to publish or print the conversation in any media.