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  • Prepare For The Flavor Explosion

    Date: 2012.04.15 | Category: all | Response: 0

    One beefy gym-rat to another: Have you ever had tuna salad? Dude, you should totally come over the next time my mom makes tuna salad.

    Bloomington, Lifetime Fitness
    Overheard by KD.

  • Seriously Out Of Context Of The Day

    Date: 2011.07.17 | Category: all | Response: 0

    Woman yelling to man down the hall: Hey, I’ve already primed the pump with that guy, so he should go real easy.

    Bloomington, Office Building Resembling a Sand Crawler
    Overheard by Plumbing I Don’t Want to Know About.

  • Depends On The Party

    Date: 2010.11.12 | Category: all | Response: 0

    Young 20 something girl to young 20 something friend: I told him that was stupid. Finishing college in four years is like leaving a party at 11.

    Bloomington, Applebees
    Overheard by Good to know.

  • Too Much Time In Lino Lakes

    Date: 2010.08.24 | Category: all | Response: 0

    Coworker #1: My kids watch a lot of Tom and Jerry. I don’t like them watching that Dora the Explorer.
    Coworker #2: Dora’s too violent for your tastes?
    Coworker #1: No, too… Spanish.
    Coworker #2: Oh.
    Coworker #1: Yeah, when I have to read my kids those Dora books I read all the Spanish words in English.

    Bloomington, one cube over

  • I Know What Mr. T Would Say About Her

    Date: 2010.07.30 | Category: all | Response: 0

    20 something guy, reading movie section of the paper: Mr. T. Do you know Mr. T?
    20 something girl: No.
    20 something guy: He’s this awesome guy who was on this show in the 80′s. It was called the A-Team. I think they made a movie of it.
    20 something girl: Oh.
    20 something guy: But he’s not in the movie, so let’s not go see it.

    Bloomington, Penn Ave Caribou
    Overheard by just here to use the net.

  • Just Keep Practicing

    Date: 2010.04.26 | Category: all | Response: 0

    Middle school boy: Every time I wear high heels, I strike oil!

    Bloomington, middle school

  • You Like This

    Date: 2010.04.08 | Category: all | Response: 0

    Girl on cellphone: Yeah, I may need your help with the farm. My Farmville farm. (pause) I know how to play Farmville, I just like the way you do it better.

    Bloomington, Normandale
    Overheard by Farmville boycotted.

  • Miracles Can Happen

    Date: 2010.03.08 | Category: all | Response: 0

    Middle aged woman #1: I mean, the poor girl has three uteruses, and she’s from India and-
    Middle aged woman #2: Does that mean she can have three babies at the same time??

    Bloomington, Hotel
    Overheard by Your Confused Front Desk Agent.

  • And My Birthday Cards

    Date: 2010.02.14 | Category: all | Response: 0

    Old man to old lady: You know, back then two dollar bills were for prostitutes.

    Bloomington, Red Lobster
    Overheard by i had no idea.

  • It’s Getting Warmer In Here Already

    Date: 2010.01.19 | Category: all | Response: 0

    Crabby customer: Why is the carwash closed? I drove all the way from Edina to get my car washed!! It’s 28 degrees out, that’s not below freezing!!
    Patient coworker: Ma’am, 28 degrees IS below freezing, unless you happen to be European and slightly confused.
    Crabby customer: I’m AMERICAN and I want my X5 washed, NOW!

    Bloomington, Car dealership
    Overheard by God bless ‘Merica.

  • Also, What Year Is This?

    Date: 2010.01.14 | Category: all | Response: 0

    Coworker #1 to Coworker #2: So, what happened in Haiti? Did a volcano erupt or something?

    Bloomington, Random Office Building
    Overheard by I was told there would be bacon.

  • But Those Pants Do You No Favors

    Date: 2010.01.07 | Category: all | Response: 0

    80 year old women to one of the female nursing assistants: Man, do you have the cutest little butt!!

    Bloomington, Presbyterian Homes
    Overheard by Nurse thinking “well that isn’t very presbyterian” :)

  • It’s A Mystery We Hope To Solve Soon

    Date: 2010.01.06 | Category: all | Response: 0

    Elderly hockey fan surveying the crowd: These people all look so… Midwestern.

    Bloomington, Joe Senser’s
    Overheard by What did you expect?

  • A Full Time Job May Not Be In His Future

    Date: 2009.08.14 | Category: all | Response: 0

    Little boy to Dad: But Dad, how am I supposed to get better at video games if I’m stuck in school for 7 hours?

    Bloomington, Target
    Overheard by Children are our future?

  • This Is Uncomfortable For Everyone

    Date: 2009.07.15 | Category: all | Response: 0

    Rocker #1: I have a receding hair line.
    Rocker #2: But I have the biggest forehead in Minnesota!

    Bloomington, TGIFridays
    Overheard by It was pretty big…

  • Adding To Life’s Mysteries

    Date: 2009.07.14 | Category: all | Response: 0

    Suburban Exec: Who eats a 16oz steak at lunch? I don’t get that.

    Bloomington, cubicle land
    Overheard by sleepyhead.

  • Wrap Your Head Around That One!

    Date: 2009.07.01 | Category: all | Response: 1

    Coworker: They sent an invitation on the computer. It was an e-invitation. On e-mail.

    Bloomington, Nasty work bathroom
    Overheard by I was told there would be bacon.

  • Sure, Come On Over

    Date: 2009.06.23 | Category: all | Response: 0

    Man talking on his phone to his doctor’s office: So, you said it’s how much to see the doctor? (pause) What do you mean it’s based on education? (pause) Do you have someone I could see who is maybe just thinking about going to medical school?

    Bloomington, Green Mill
    Overheard by He’s onto something.

  • He Practically Has Alzheimer’s!

    Date: 2009.06.03 | Category: all | Response: 0

    20′s something girl: O-M-G I totally feel like a gold digger; I’m going on a date with a 37 year old whose TOTALLY loaded. But hey, who knows, maybe he’ll pay off my student loans!
    20′s something male friend: Or maybe you’ll fall in love.
    20′s something girl: Ummm you did hear me say he’s 37, didnt you?

    Bloomington, Subway on Lyndale
    Overheard by some women are crazy.

  • Is That Why You’re Selling Cars?

    Date: 2009.05.13 | Category: all | Response: 0

    Female coworker: Hey, did you have fun with your kid yesterday?
    Male coworker: Yeah, he had a good birthday.  Went to the Mall of America, went on some rides, took him to Hooters for dinner.
    Female coworker: Wait, WHAT? How old is Carson?
    Male coworker: Just turned 8. It was fine, our waitress was a real catch.  Kinda smart, too.
    Female coworker: Yeah, I’m sure she was working at Hooters to pay her way through med school.

    Bloomington, car dealership
    Overheard by Car salespeople….eeesh.