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  • We Should Hire Another Person

    Date: 2011.11.23 | Category: all | Response: 0

    Marketing Guy: We have to ship 150,000 units on Friday or else.
    Marketing Girl: Well, how many did we ship last year on Black Friday?
    Marketing Guy, pulls up report: …Seven.

    Chanhassen, Office
    Overheard by pratt.

  • I Don’t Follow

    Date: 2011.05.23 | Category: all | Response: 0

    Customer in line, to cashier: What’s the deal with the 4-for-$9 on Pepsi products?
    Cashier to bag boy: Hey, what’s the deal with the 4-for-$9 on Pepsi products?
    Bag boy, to cashier: You buy 4 you get them for $9.
    Cashier to customer: You buy 4 you get them for $9.
    Customer: Oh.

    Chanhassen, Byerly’s
    Overheard by shopper #8.

  • Thank God She Can Make A Sandwich

    Date: 2010.12.13 | Category: all | Response: 0

    Self centered co-worker woman, to a group of women co-workers: I can’t parallel park, I think it’s just one of those things that women aren’t meant to do.

    Chanhassen, Office
    Overheard by woman that is PRO at parallel parking.

  • Last Fall’s Trust Exercises Went Very Wrong

    Date: 2010.08.11 | Category: all | Response: 2

    Male employee: What is the dress code for the boat trip?
    Male manager: It’s not my call, but my policy would be no shorts. Or no wife-beaters, no crotch-grabbers, no tube tops. Unless you’re hot. Which no one here is. And definitely no Sublime t-shirts with 4/16, the stoners’ holiday, printed in big letters. And no shirts that say Tool on them, none whatsoever. I will not have anyone here showing up to a corporate event high on marijuana and drugs with Tool shirts again.

    Chanhassen, office
    Overheard by RCG.

  • The FCC Is Monitoring This Post

    Date: 2010.06.28 | Category: all | Response: 0

    33-year old male manager to company president: And these black guys surround me, nicest guys in the world, but their vocabulary is 35 words and 25 of them you can’t say on TV.

    Chanhassen, office
    Overheard by ruteger.

  • Someone’s Getting A Fruitcake In The Secret Santa Exchange

    Date: 2009.12.02 | Category: all | Response: 0

    35-year old male co-worker: I want to make this very clear. You people are not my family. You are all too ugly to be my offspring.

    Chanhassen, office
    Overheard by Plant in chair.

  • You Just Can’t Find Good Customer Service Anywhere!

    Date: 2009.08.05 | Category: all | Response: 3

    Jimmy John’s employees, very emphatically, to group of businessmen entering: Hi! Welcome to Jimmy John’s!
    Man in group, halfway through the door, angrily turning to leave: God, I hate these people! I can’t take it!

    Chanhassen, Jimmy John’s
    Overheard by They really are overly enthusiastic.

  • Or I’d Just Charge Them More

    Date: 2009.06.26 | Category: all | Response: 0

    30-year-old male co-worker: Even if I were a whore I wouldn’t do ugly people.

    Chanhassen, in the office
    Overheard by I wish i could remember the other 5 minutes of this conversation!

  • We Might Even Have To Come Up With A New Name For It

    Date: 2009.06.23 | Category: all | Response: 0

    20-something guy to 20-something girl: Can you imagine if we had, like, a second World War 2?

    Chanhassen, Perkins

  • And Wednesdays Are The WORST

    Date: 2009.06.16 | Category: all | Response: 0

    Guy on phone: Wow, is it Tuesday already?  Hey, it’s better than Monday.  Nothing’s worse than working on a Monday. Well, except coming in on Saturday.  But I’d rather do that than Sunday.  I’ve never liked working on Fridays either, but, what?  Oh, yeah, you’re right, Thursdays suck too.

    Chanhassen, office
    Overheard by Can we agree all days suck to work?

  • Okay, My Turn

    Date: 2009.06.05 | Category: all | Response: 0

    Co-worker #1: Give me the name of a TV show and I’ll tell you what actors are tools.
    Co-worker #2: Home Improvement.
    Co-worker #1: Tim Allen. Huge tool. Fat guy that was with him.  Bigger tool.
    Co-worker #2: Richard Karn? He’s a tool?
    Co-worker #1: Huuuuge tool.

    Chanhassen, at the office
    Overheard by Tool Time.

  • Yeah, They Are Terrible People

    Date: 2009.06.05 | Category: all | Response: 0

    Co-worker, after learning about actor David Carradine’s death:  It makes me happy when celebrities die.

    Chanhassen, at the office
    Overheard by way too soon…

  • Encouragement

    Date: 2009.03.04 | Category: all | Response: 0

    Out-of-shape co-worker: Mark it on the calendar; as soon as I get back into shape, I’m challenging you to a game of racquetball.
    Co-worker: I didn’t know you could book a court ten years in advance.

    Chanhassen, office cubicles
    Overheard by Dickie.

  • Congratulations

    Date: 2009.02.09 | Category: all | Response: 0

    Tourist with horrible Spanish pronunciation: Si, senorita. I’m from from Florida, I’ve been practicing my Spanish.

    Chanhassen, Chipotle
    Overheard by you_sound_smarter_in_florida.

  • Where Do I Start?

    Date: 2009.02.03 | Category: all | Response: 0

    Robust woman: My cat is VERY picky.  I have to make SURE the upholstery matches the curtains.

    Chanhassen, Target
    Overheard by He says my fiesta-ware is gaudy too.

  • The Epic Saga Of Marketing vs. Sales

    Date: 2009.01.18 | Category: all | Response: 0

    Man in Sales: Whenever you guys print with that damn large format printer everyone out on the sales floor breaks out in hives!
    Man in Marketing: Huh. Well, if I had known that I’d be printing a lot more stuff!

    Chanhassen, Office
    Overheard by HP.

  • Just Good Entertainment

    Date: 2008.12.19 | Category: all | Response: 0

    Guy #1: Dude, did you hear there was a bridge collapse in Atlanta?  It was a pedestrian bridge though.
    Guy #2: Nice!

    Chanhassen, Post Office
    Overheard by Too Soon.

  • That Joke Always Works

    Date: 2008.12.19 | Category: all | Response: 0

    Guy #1: So, didn’t wind up snowing much last.
    Guy #2: It was not even close to the eight inches they were talking about.
    Guy #1: That’s what she said!
    Guy #2: Hey, that joke worked pretty well that time.
    Guy #1: Yeah, that fit really well.

    Chanhassen, Office
    Overheard by Roscoe the Beagle.

  • And We Never Get Anything Done

    Date: 2008.11.10 | Category: all | Response: 0

    Co-worker on the phone: It’s like the old saying, I scratch my back, you scratch yours.

    Chanhassen, office cubicle on Lake Drive
    Overheard by scratchy.

  • And A Half

    Date: 2008.10.08 | Category: all | Response: 0

    Co-worker: …and this chick was a knock-out.  Coulda been a model.  She was tall, you know, 5-foot-11, 5-foot-12.

    Chanhassen, Powers Blvd.
    Overheard by I’m 5’18″ tall.