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  • Then The Answer Is Never

    Date: 2011.11.23 | Category: all | Response: 0

    Teen in Back: Hey, driver, when is the Lowry Bridge going to open?
    Driver: Next spring.
    Teen in Back: Aren’t we not supposed to be alive by then?

    Minneapolis, 32 to Robbinsdale
    Overheard by aeh.

  • We All Believe In Something

    Date: 2011.10.16 | Category: all | Response: 0

    Bootylicious Girl #1: Girl, I can’t believe you did that with him. You nasty.
    Bootylicious Girl #2: No, girl! I went to church twice last weekend, so it don’t count.
    Bootylicious Girl #1: Oh, well you didn’t say that. Still, that’s nasty.
    Bootylicious Girl #2: Ya, but God forgives me.

    Minneapolis, Downtown Target
    Overheard by Do The Wiggle.

  • Raising Money For College Is Hard

    Date: 2011.10.16 | Category: all | Response: 0

    Woman in front to driver: My sister is 40 and has 7 grandkids. One time I was over and she was teaching the 3 year old how to use that pole.

    Minneapolis, 32 to Rosedale Center
    Overheard by aeh.

  • I Drink To Forget My Drug Addiction

    Date: 2011.07.27 | Category: all | Response: 0

    Tattooed male hipster: So, I’ve decided to stop doing X all the time, ’cause basically all my life’s experiences I’ve been on X and I want to start experiencing things, you know?
    Hipster gal pal: Yeah, I get ya. So, how’s it going?
    Tattooed male hipster: Well, the first thing I did was go to Happy Hour and just drink, and it actually went really well.

    Minneapolis, The Bad Waitress
    Overheard by Thats one way to get a new lease on life.

  • It’s On A Good Plan, Too

    Date: 2011.07.17 | Category: all | Response: 0

    Man in bright orange suit: My phone doesn’t do text messages, but I’ve got the original text message… the Bible!

    Minneapolis, Back of 21 bus on Lake St.

  • I Brought My Own Bag

    Date: 2011.07.07 | Category: all | Response: 0

    Checkout Clerk: Hi! Would you like your face wrapped in plastic?

    Minneapolis, Whole Foods on Excelsior
    Overheard by sxoidmal.

  • Define Successful

    Date: 2011.07.07 | Category: all | Response: 0

    60-something woman telling her friend about the engagement of a younger couple: I think this will be a very successful first marriage.

    Minneapolis, Downtown restaurant at lunch
    Overheard by Jerod.

  • And Now A Broken Leg Of Lamb

    Date: 2011.06.22 | Category: all | Response: 0

    20something Girl #1: I feel more tender right now than I ever have before. I feel just like the tenderest little leg of lamb.
    20something Girl #2: Ha ha, that’s funny.

    Minneapolis, Midtown Greenway
    Overheard by A. Johnson.

  • Ginger Profiling

    Date: 2011.06.06 | Category: all | Response: 0

    Guy #1: I think we’ve met before.
    Guy #2: No, I’m pretty sure we haven’t.
    Guy #1: Oh, okay. (Walks away)
    Guy #2, to girlfriend: I think it’s the ginger, freckle-face thing. Once you’ve seen one, you think you’ve seen us all.

    Uptown Minneapolis, House Party
    Overheard by a unique-looking brunette.

  • The Secret Is Out

    Date: 2011.05.23 | Category: all | Response: 0

    Intoxicated Donald Glover fan at concert: Why is he so sexy?
    Intoxicated friend of intoxicated fan: Because he is black.

    Minneapolis, Varsity Theater
    Overheard by This Gal!

  • Don’t Take Drugs That You Find In The Dumpster

    Date: 2011.05.23 | Category: all | Response: 0

    Woman walking, talking to herself: If ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’ were beagles, we’d all be princes and princesses. Of beagles.

    Minneapolis, 27th & Colfax
    Overheard by Dwight.

  • I Think You Got Some In My Coffee

    Date: 2011.05.09 | Category: all | Response: 0

    Counter Clerk: I am just sprewing knowledge, guys.

    Minneapolis, Starbucks, Block E
    Overheard by sxoidmal.

  • There’s No Laughing In Baseball Either

    Date: 2011.04.26 | Category: all | Response: 0

    Mom to little kid: This is not the place to have fun.

    Minneapolis, exit ramp from Target Field after the 11-1 win against Cleveland
    Overheard by Happy Twins Fan.

  • The Love Of The Sport Brings People Together

    Date: 2011.04.21 | Category: all | Response: 0

    20-something guy: Typical Wisconsin fans. “I can’t count! I don’t know where my seat is!”

    Minneapolis, Target Field
    Overheard by not a brewer fan.

  • He’ll Be There Later For A Q&A

    Date: 2011.04.12 | Category: all | Response: 0

    College Girl to Friend: Here’s the thing about the King Tut exhibit; it’s not like actually like King Tut, it’s just like, his stuff. Dumb!

    Minneapolis, Bus Route 6

  • We Can Get A Hallmark Card Out Of This

    Date: 2011.04.03 | Category: all | Response: 0

    20-something man #1: Do you love her?
    20-something man #2: No! Well, I tell her that I love her but I don’t love her in the way that I would tell you that I love her.
    20-something man #1: Huh. That’s an interesting distinction.

    Uptown, Minneapolis, Bruegger’s Bagels

  • She Didn’t Say Anything About The Walk Back

    Date: 2011.03.20 | Category: all | Response: 0

    Inebriated woman to her man: Don’t be swinging your thang on your way there. Walk straight to the damn store.

    Minneapolis, 18 Bus

  • A Better Idea Than Green Beer

    Date: 2011.03.17 | Category: all | Response: 0

    Nerdy girl to another nerdy girl: Yeah, but I’m not Irish, I’m Russian, so I was thinking of making a shirt that says “In Soviet Russia, Blarney Stone kiss you!”

    Minneapolis, MCAD skyway
    Overheard by I’m Neither.

  • That’s One Suggestion…

    Date: 2011.03.15 | Category: all | Response: 0

    Mid 30′s white dude to his mid 30′s lady friend: Let’s forget about the drugs and just go get a hotel room.

    Minneapolis, Nomad World Pub
    Overheard by Liz – why not do both??

  • Like Knowing How To Change Your Oil

    Date: 2011.03.08 | Category: all | Response: 0

    Female club goer: I used to be a dominatrix so it comes in handy.

    Minneapolis, Club Jager – 80s Night
    Overheard by aeh.