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  • We’re Here To Run Pants Out Of Town

    Date: 2011.07.27 | Category: all | Response: 0

    Woman at party, to friend: We’re both wearing dresses. Obviously, we’re in a posse.

    Columbia Heights, house party
    Overheard by sxoidmal.

  • Ginger Profiling

    Date: 2011.06.06 | Category: all | Response: 0

    Guy #1: I think we’ve met before.
    Guy #2: No, I’m pretty sure we haven’t.
    Guy #1: Oh, okay. (Walks away)
    Guy #2, to girlfriend: I think it’s the ginger, freckle-face thing. Once you’ve seen one, you think you’ve seen us all.

    Uptown Minneapolis, House Party
    Overheard by a unique-looking brunette.

  • And It’s Not Easy

    Date: 2010.07.07 | Category: all | Response: 0

    20-something guy: I’m losing my beer belly and getting back my whiskey belly.

    Rochester, 4th of July house party
    Overheard by The wife.

  • And They Say I Should Stay Away From Kids

    Date: 2010.01.26 | Category: all | Response: 0

    Little girl: Why do all the players have tattoos?
    Adult: Because their parents didn’t love them.

    South Minneapolis, Vikings playoff party
    Overheard by Jeanne.

  • He’s Here All Week!

    Date: 2010.01.23 | Category: all | Response: 0

    Party guest: In Soviet Russia, Slim Jim snap into YOU!

    Friendly Fridley, House of partay
    Overheard by Comrade.

  • And Lots Of Costumes

    Date: 2010.01.03 | Category: all | Response: 0

    Drunk 20-something guy: Well, now you know all about my sexcapades. They’re like the Ice Capades, but with penises.

    Plymouth, house party
    Overheard by was there choreography?

  • As Long As It’s Not Animal Print…

    Date: 2009.12.18 | Category: all | Response: 0

    U of M employee during white elephant gift exchange: OH MY GOD! Peggy* got a Snuggie!!

    St. Paul, U of M administrative holiday party
    Overheard by guest.

  • Get Two Sticks

    Date: 2009.10.15 | Category: all | Response: 1

    Firedancer to other firedancer: Ummm, do you have a lighter, Helen?

    East Bethel, Private party
    Overheard by That’s probably gonna enhance the performance.

  • Let’s Hope The Fence Was Electric

    Date: 2009.08.24 | Category: all | Response: 0

    Extraordinarily drunk guy, while peeing on a fence: BEHOLD! The wonders of my PBR sprinkler!!!

    NE Minneapolis, House party
    Overheard by I refer to it as my “godstick”.

  • Teamwork

    Date: 2009.08.18 | Category: all | Response: 0

    Guy in line for food, to another guy: I’ll grab your bun if you grab my wiener.

    Blaine, Family Birthday Celebration
    Overheard by BigDubb.

  • Just Remember That Until You’re 25

    Date: 2009.07.11 | Category: all | Response: 2

    Teenage girl to friend: I’m pretty sure girls don’t get horny. Because, y’know. Sex isn’t fun for the girl. So why would she get horny for it?

    Edina, Birthday party
    Overheard by Then what have I been feeling?

  • Um, Yes?

    Date: 2009.06.28 | Category: all | Response: 0

    Dude: I’m gonna drive Suzy* home.
    Chick: Are you good to drive?
    Dude: Is a little Dutch boy good to put his finger in the dam?

    Minneapolis, House Party in Lowry Hill
    Overheard by My BlackBerry is a designated driver.

  • When Did They Expand?

    Date: 2009.06.14 | Category: all | Response: 1

    Slightly drunken father-of-the-graduate: Well, Andy’s got a job over at Best Buy. He works in the electronics department.

    Eagan, Graduation Party
    Overheard by not the fabric department?

  • I’d Prefer A Chainsaw Sculpture

    Date: 2009.06.14 | Category: all | Response: 0

    30-something dude #1: Ugh, can you imagine Rhea Perlman and Danny DeVito having sex. He’s such a gross person.
    30-something dude #2: I’d like to make a clay sculpture of that.

    Minneapolis, The Murals apartments
    Overheard by My BlackBerry was enjoying this BBQ until it lost it’s appetite upon hearing this.

  • Neither Is Leeann Chin

    Date: 2009.05.18 | Category: all | Response: 2

    Semi-drunk fellow: Yeah! And that stupid chick tried to tell me that Leeann Chin was her aunt!
    Semi-drunk friend: Well, you believed her, didn’t you?
    Semi-drunk fellow: NO! I pretended to so I’d get some.  I mean, she isn’t even Asian!

    Maple Grove, house party
    Overheard by Leeann’s chin.

  • I Just Want To Talk

    Date: 2009.02.23 | Category: all | Response: 0

    Party host, entering the room with a flourish: Can I ask you an honest question?  I don’t care if you lie to me.

    St. Louis Park, house party
    Overheard by Honestly, I’m confused.

  • Let’s Be Both!

    Date: 2009.02.22 | Category: all | Response: 0

    Drunk guy, to girlfriend: Honey, are we married?
    Drunk girlfriend: No, we’re drunk.

    St. Paul, House Party
    Overheard by a.lil.

  • I Don’t Believe You

    Date: 2009.02.02 | Category: all | Response: 0

    Woman: Hey, did you guys know that Eric Clapton is known for being a really good guitarist?

    Northeast Minneapolis, 2008 Superbowl party at my house
    Overheard by DonaldDouchebag.

  • Checking Inventory

    Date: 2009.01.25 | Category: all | Response: 0

    30-something woman: She was like, “Bend over, wow, it’s tacos for dinner.”

    Minneapolis, Linden Hills, house party
    Overheard by My Blackberry just lost its appetite.

  • He Was Very Tempted

    Date: 2009.01.02 | Category: all | Response: 0

    Female co-worker on her cell in the break room: I still couldn’t get into the party even after bribing the bouncer with Timberwolves tickets, and they just about won the other night!

    Minneapolis, private party
    Overheard by Kevin McHale.