• It’s The Only Reason I Go To Rosedale

    Guy pushing stroller: (satisfied sigh)
    Lady with him: What was that?
    Guy: Just a personal tradition.
    Lady: Huh?
    Guy: I totally just crop-dusted Abercrombie and Fitch.

    Roseville, Rosedale Mall
    Overheard by Me too man.

    06/28/2012 | tags: , ,

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  • Ready For The Real World

    Girl: What do you know about Hmong culture?
    Girl #2: I saw Gran Torino.

    Saint Paul (seriously), Macalester College
    Overheard by Sarah.

    06/28/2012 | tags: ,

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  • Prepare For The Flavor Explosion

    One beefy gym-rat to another: Have you ever had tuna salad? Dude, you should totally come over the next time my mom makes tuna salad.

    Bloomington, Lifetime Fitness
    Overheard by KD.

    04/15/2012 | tags: ,

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  • You’ll Need That Kind Of Creative Thinking

    University of St. Thomas girl on her cell phone: …And my mom was trying to convience me to apply for a job at Cub Foods, and I was like ‘Ughh, no!’ I mean, seriously, I would rather, like, eat my own toenails than work at Cub Foods.

    Saint Paul, University of St. Thomas
    Overheard by Unemployment at 9%.

    04/15/2012 | tags: ,

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  • Just Roll With It

    Lucky Co-Worker: I’m graduating soon and I’ve already got an internship.
    Other Co-Worker: Good for you, man. What are you gonna do?
    Lucky Co-Worker: I’m going into education, probably going to be working with autistic kids.
    Other Co-Worker: Yeah? That’s cool! What do they draw?

    Mankato, Gary’s Pizza
    Overheard by D.R.B.

    03/01/2012 | tags: ,

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  • Or For Anyone Within Earshot Of This Story

    Cashier: I love February. My birthday, Valentine’s Day…
    Customer: It’s a great month for you.
    Cashier: Sure is. It wasn’t a great month for Whitney Houston, though.

    St Paul, Target
    Overheard by smoothd.

    02/21/2012 | tags: ,

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  • It Was Worth A Shot

    Passenger, while looking confused at the check-in kiosk: Ma’am, can you give me a hand with this?
    Agent, without skipping a beat: I’ll hold your hand, but I won’t go all the way with you.

    Minneapolis-St. Paul Int’l Airport- Terminal 1, US Airways ticket counter
    Overheard by Listening4Laughs.

    12/13/2011 | tags:

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  • We Should Hire Another Person

    Marketing Guy: We have to ship 150,000 units on Friday or else.
    Marketing Girl: Well, how many did we ship last year on Black Friday?
    Marketing Guy,┬ápulls up report: …Seven.

    Chanhassen, Office
    Overheard by pratt.

    11/23/2011 | tags: ,

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  • Then The Answer Is Never

    Teen in Back: Hey, driver, when is the Lowry Bridge going to open?
    Driver: Next spring.
    Teen in Back: Aren’t we not supposed to be alive by then?

    Minneapolis, 32 to Robbinsdale
    Overheard by aeh.

    11/23/2011 | tags: , ,

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  • We All Believe In Something

    Bootylicious Girl #1: Girl, I can’t believe you did that with him. You nasty.
    Bootylicious Girl #2: No, girl! I went to church twice last weekend, so it don’t count.
    Bootylicious Girl #1: Oh, well you didn’t say that. Still, that’s nasty.
    Bootylicious Girl #2: Ya, but God forgives me.

    Minneapolis, Downtown Target
    Overheard by Do The Wiggle.

    10/16/2011 | tags: ,

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  • Raising Money For College Is Hard

    Woman in front to driver: My sister is 40 and has 7 grandkids. One time I was over and she was teaching the 3 year old how to use that pole.

    Minneapolis, 32 to Rosedale Center
    Overheard by aeh.

    10/16/2011 | tags: ,

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  • It’s Clumsy But It Works

    Tan teenage boy to tan female friend: My mom wants me to hang out with you more.
    Tan teenage girl: Why?
    Tan teenage boy: Because you’re Mexican.

    Maplewood, Mounds Park Academy
    Overheard by I want to hang out with you because I’m Asian!

    10/16/2011 | tags: , ,

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  • Isn’t That Enough?

    3 year old boy, as he almost falls: Oh, Jesus.
    Nanny: Do you know who Jesus is?
    3 year old boy: Yes, of course.
    Nanny: What does he do?
    3 year old boy: He delivers us from evil. Duh.
    Nanny: What else does Jesus do?
    3 year old boy: I have no idea!

    Shoreview, Park
    Overheard by just another nanny.

    08/08/2011 | tags: , ,

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  • The Bus Is A Good Place To Find All Three

    Man, in awkward conversation with woman about why he is on the bus: There’s nothing to do in Mound but drink. Do you drink?
    Woman: No, I’ve never been much of a drinker. How much do you drink?
    Man: Every day.
    Woman: What do you drink?
    Man: Whiskey.
    Woman: Does your brother drink too?
    Man: No, he does weed.
    Woman: Oh, I hate weed. If anything, I like oxycodone.

    On the border of Minnetonka and Wayzata, 675 Bus to Mound (aka, Most of Us Need Drugs)
    Overheard by Spoonbridge.

    08/08/2011 | tags: , ,

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  • We’re Here To Run Pants Out Of Town

    Woman at party, to friend: We’re both wearing dresses. Obviously, we’re in a posse.

    Columbia Heights, house party
    Overheard by sxoidmal.

    07/27/2011 | tags: ,

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  • I Drink To Forget My Drug Addiction

    Tattooed male hipster: So, I’ve decided to stop doing X all the time, ’cause basically all my life’s experiences I’ve been on X and I want to start experiencing things, you know?
    Hipster gal pal: Yeah, I get ya. So, how’s it going?
    Tattooed male hipster: Well, the first thing I did was go to Happy Hour and just drink, and it actually went really well.

    Minneapolis, The Bad Waitress
    Overheard by Thats one way to get a new lease on life.

    07/27/2011 | tags: ,

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  • Seriously Out Of Context Of The Day

    Woman yelling to man down the hall: Hey, I’ve already primed the pump with that guy, so he should go real easy.

    Bloomington, Office Building Resembling a Sand Crawler
    Overheard by Plumbing I Don’t Want to Know About.

    07/17/2011 | tags: ,

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  • It’s On A Good Plan, Too

    Man in bright orange suit: My phone doesn’t do text messages, but I’ve got the original text message… the Bible!

    Minneapolis, Back of 21 bus on Lake St.

    07/17/2011 | tags: ,

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  • I Brought My Own Bag

    Checkout Clerk: Hi! Would you like your face wrapped in plastic?

    Minneapolis, Whole Foods on Excelsior
    Overheard by sxoidmal.

    07/07/2011 | tags: ,

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  • Define Successful

    60-something woman telling her friend about the engagement of a younger couple: I think this will be a very successful first marriage.

    Minneapolis, Downtown restaurant at lunch
    Overheard by Jerod.

    07/07/2011 | tags: ,

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